After the :

December 12, 2011

Or, the mystery of the missing sub-title

In the final few weeks of my studentship, modesty forbids me to say that I have put a stupendous amount of effort into crafting a beautifully-written, compelling, thesis. Because everyone knows that the really important part of a piece of writing is the sub-title; that bit after the colon, the subtle, punning, quixotic, jesting play on words that hooks people and draws them into reading the big chunk o’ stuff that comes thumping along afterwards. I’ve had three years to think of a post-: and … nothing. Not a sausage. I’m still using the title I started with: Open Science and Public Engagement.

So, dear reader, while the damn-thesis (that’s its official designation) is still a draft, I’m open for suggestions. Here are few I thought of earlier:

  • From PEST to PEST&R? (the ‘r’ is research).
  • Muddying the waters or clearing the stream? (I’ve used this one for a conference paper.)
  • Enhancing collaboration and communication (v. dull)
  • Telling the whole story (although ‘narrative’ would be a bit classier)