4 Responses to Closed

  1. stevegrand says:

    Speaking as one of your single figures, as it were, in retrospect it sounds like you might have had more joy (though less of a cultural experience) at SCIO 2011 (http://scienceonline2011.com/). Sue W’s daughter has been pounding my Twitter feed with tweeds and retweets from it for days. The US is typically upbeat about these sorts of things.

    Like you say, your big mistake was to submit things BEFORE the deadline. You’re just not laissez-faire enough for an academic! If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing late.

    • Ann says:

      I’d love to get to ScienceOnline! I’ve tried both for last year and this but registration fills up almost instantly 😦 Fortunately, they’re very switched-on (as you’d expect); I followed it on-line and I’m looking forward to reading more as they archive the sessions.

  2. Carlos Acosta says:


    I believe your message is truly important. It deserves to be heard and heeded by all researchers especially large scientific organizations.


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