3 Responses to Parallel citizenship?

  1. stevegrand says:

    And in many ways both those things are returning to their roots: back in the days of pamphleteering anyone (with enough money) could write for public consumption. And back in the Days of Darwin and Lowell, anyone (with enough money) could do science.

    There was a trust issue then too (except that few were privileged enough to suffer from its consequences in the way that the public of today might): pseudo-science was rife. But also some of the greatest scientific ideas ever devised came from these people because of the freedom of thought they were permitted.

    Institutionalising both journalism and science had mixed results. It raised the standards (in fact it created the standards) but it also squashed a lot of ingenuity and creativity and made things rather “samey”. Received politics took over journalism and received wisdom took over science.

    So yes, there are risks returning to a more egalitarian content provision, but there is also much to gain, I think (speaking as an amateur scientist in that same 19th century mould).

    Having to weave your own narrative from a bunch of hyperlinks, and maybe even having to sift fact from fiction, have their upside – they make us more acutely aware of what we read and think, and put the onus on us to become active participants instead of spongelike couch potatoes.

    Bring on the pain!

  2. Lisa says:

    Have you read the articles in Nature’s special on science journalism? http://www.nature.com/news/specials/sciencejournalism/index.html

    There are some great articles. Be sure to check out Breaking the convention? and Too close for comfort

    • Ann says:

      Thank you – yes, I read those articles very closely over the weekend. I’ve torn them out and they are in my special ‘interesting pieces of paper’ envelope!

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